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Taking action when an opportunity comes before you, it’s important to gather the facts that are relevant and then to do all that’s within your power. Develop the mindset that can awaken your ambitions! Anything is possible in this business.  Time and time again Questra World members have given testimonials and real-life experiences that prove the case that Questra and Atlantic Global Asset Management have a winning formula to help you succeed, and change your future for the better. is here to help see you succeed and build your investment portfolio’s to make sure your able to grow a financial future so you can feel confident and happy to share (If you choose) with friends family and loved ones.

In Questra World, can you purchase various investment portfolios:

• White – €90 – weekly payout: 4%
• Yellow – €270 – weekly dividend: 4.2%
• Green – €810 – weekly payout: 4.6%
• Blue – €2430 – weekly payout: 5%
• Red – €7290 – weekly payout: 5.2%
• Black – €21870 – weekly payout: 6%
• Standard – 90-€9990 – weekly payout: 6%

Once you purchase a portfolio, a Questra manager will get to work to ensure that your investment works for you! These managers generate profits in the financial market, which are in turn paid to you on a weekly basis (unless that is you purchase the standard white portfolio). There are no investment limits! You can read more about the portfolios at

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