Questra World Official English Presentation 2017 Atlantic Global Asset Management

Questra World Official

English Presentation 2017

Atlantic Global Asset Management

Success – Loyalty – Ambition – Motivation – Consistency – Teamwork!

Those are all words that best describe our company called Atlantic Global Asset Management, where you have an amazing opportunity to invest – to be a part of the team and get weekly earnings your big opportunity may be right in front of you now!

The equity investment fund Atlantic Global Asset Management, originates from the financial holding company SFG group – Which has been in operation since 2009.

The Atlantic Global Asset Management fund A.G.A.M. manages the sale and purchase of loan commitments including the shares of companies initially investing their securities on the stock exchange IPO, and also conducts foreign investment, corporate refinancing and financial factoring. The A.G.A.M. is registered in the country of the president of the company Antonio Robalo in the republic of Cape Verde.  

  • What services are provided by A.G.A.M.?

A.G.A.M. business area is;

  • Asset Management.
  • Payment Services.
  • Trust Management.
  • Investment Fund Trade and arranging Asset Transactions.
  • Investment Fund activity.

Asset management within the company is provided by a team of qualified brokers, who use reliable, efficient, and proven investment strategies over time, using a broad spectrum of financial instruments and established risk management procedures.

  • How A.G.A.M. earns money?

The funds main revenues come from 4 sources.

  • The placement of foreign securities.
  • Financial factoring.
  • The refinancing of companies that have lost their capital for various reasons. Analysts of the A.G.A.M.  Are looking for companies that work well but do not have the necessary funds for their future operations and growth.  We are analysing the economic situation and looking for new sources of funding.
  • Organization and realization of IPO initial public offering. The investment fund Atlantic Global Asset Management, ensures the purchase of shares of companies before they are listed on the stock exchange, and also invest in the purchase of promising companies with the future creation and issue of their own shares on the stock market.

The company makes money on the difference between the price of the shares before the IPO, and the price established at the time of the launch of the trading.

Now you have a good opportunity to invest in this company and get a passive income.

The Atlantic Global Asset Management fund has prepared various investment products with a value ranging from 90 euros up to 5 million euros for investors of different categories.

Anyone who wishes can earn money with the A.G.A.M. fund – Enter into a contract with him, and purchases investment portfolio investment products.

Let’s look at all the investment products;

  • White,
  • Yellow,
  • Green,
  • Blue,
  • Red,
  • Black,
  • Indigo portfolios.

Let’s look in detail at the Red investor portfolio with an annual profitability of 270 percent.

Value of the Red Portfolio is 7,290 euros.  Each portfolio operates 365 days, or one year.

The average weekly return on the portfolio is 5.2%.  It is mentioned here the average value according to the results of three years of operation.  The average monthly income is 1,640 euros. The potential profitability for a year is 19,683 euros.  The transfer of the profit to the account is made every 7 days on Friday, once the specialist of the company has finished the working week after which the profit is available for transfer.  With that, you get around 250 euros to 430 euros back every Friday – “Your pay day”, which is 4 – 7% of your initial investment, and the best part is you can withdraw it right away into one of our recommended banks – even into a Bitcoin wallet! Doing that, you decrease your investment risk every week.

Talking about withdrawals, working with the bank in the Swift transfer is the essential means of credit and withdraws funds on customer accounts, but for more convenience payment system partners with whom the A.G.A.M. works today were connected.  

These are payment services;

  • Swift,
  • Okay Pay
  • Advanced Cash
  • Bitcoin

Before the end of the year, the fund plans to link payment systems such as Neteller.  

Now things get interesting that was only the passive side. Questra World is an advertising broker with the exclusive right to promote and sell financial products of the investment fund, Atlantic Global Asset Management.  The headquarters of the advertising broker is located in Spain in the city of Madrid.  By creating an advertising broker like Questra World, senior executive director Jose Manuel Gilabert used the advertising promotion model verified by more than a million companies and used for more than 50 years the multilevel marketing network model MLM.

All companies spend huge amounts of money on advertising. The MLM promotion model was chosen by the management of Questra World broker insofar as it is much cheaper and requires a smaller budget to search for new clients, than by the Media, Radio, and Internet.

The development and advertising model according to the famous system of promotion multi-level marketing MLM was introduced in the company in 2014 only. Previously we only worked with corporate customers. The model quickly demonstrated its effectiveness in economic value. The advantage of the prospect of network marketing is so far indisputable, and it is difficult to say otherwise.

With all the economic upheavals of the World, Network companies still show a powerful growth dynamic in Questra World is no exception.

Questra offers two types of income.

  • Percentage of yield on sales.
  • Bonus program

Let’s look at the first type of income the bonus program consists of 11 career levels. By climbing them you will not only get a new position, but you will also increase your percentage of return on sales of the company’s products.

The change in levels depends on the volume of sales and your entire structure.  At the beginning you are a Level 1 agent. Beginning with becoming a client of the company, in entering into a formal partnership agreement in order to upgrade to level 2 and get a direct bonus 7% you and your organization without time constraints, have to realize a sales volume of 3,000 euros.  You sell to your partner 1 Green portfolio; other partner 1 Blue portfolio and you are in Level 2.

To go to level 3, have to realize a sales volume of 25,000 euros. For example having worked three to four months to become Level 4 “Gold agent” with return percentage of 10.5% you have sold to your client a red investor portfolio worth 7,290 euros depending on your level four in your return percentage of 10.5% the income you draw is 765 euros.  The higher your sells volume and the higher your level the more money you earn and the faster you can get your initial investment back.

Here is the 2nd type of income;

  • Bonuses

Starting with a sales volume of 25,000 euros at Level 3, the Questra agent begins to receive additional bonuses in cash instantly.  The bonus program is not tied to the level, and depends entirely on the sales volume of the agent and his structure. Once a sells volume of 25,000 is reached both personally and in conjunction with his structure, the agent receives a reward in bonus of 1000 euros right away.  

With a sales volume of 50,000 a bonus of 2,000 euros 100,000 euros a bonus of 5,000 euros in order for managers to reach more levels and obtain their bonuses of 20,000 euros to 1 million euros Questra World has developed a special skill upgrading program that each manager must appropriately follow at Questra World headquarters in Madrid Questra Worlds top managers and consultants with several years of experience in the brokerage field, test the managers knowledge for several days, draw up a plan for them, and show them what professional weaknesses have been overcome. Obtaining a significant remuneration.

In order to benefit from all the advantages of the equity fund of Atlantic Global Asset Management in the advertising broker Questra World, act now and click the registration link below the video from now on all the borders of the company are open to you!

  • Start where you are
  • Use what you have
  • Do what you can
  • Stop wishing
  • Start doing

With best regards Questra World.

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Questra World Official English Presentation 2017
With best regards Questra World.
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